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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39 616 Ответ
127Кб, 495x333

Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.


Thank you for attention.

Russia's childish operations in Finland will soon begin to reach a point of no return. Do you unders Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 11:43:15 122741 Ответ
125067596ccacfbc.mp4 6982Кб, 1920x882, 00:00:13
Russia's childish operations in Finland will soon begin to reach a point of no return. Do you understand that we can destroy St. Petersburg in a day?
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Anonymous  09/12/23 Суб 03:52:18 122769
>St. Petersburg should be given to Finland
I'm agree, if St. Petersburg should be given to Russian Finland, because without Russia, Finland don't exist.
Anonymous  09/12/23 Суб 11:13:29 122770
Russia wouldn't have a single problem if its people weren't so uncivilized and stupid
Anonymous  09/12/23 Суб 11:37:36 122774
please answer two questions, who genocide russians and where genocide center place, arigatik
Anonymous  09/12/23 Суб 11:38:18 122775
Anonymous  09/12/23 Суб 11:38:52 122776
WAR on TERROR Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 15:32:32 122414 Ответ
sketch-16961454[...].jpg 147Кб, 1442x1080
The Supreme Court recognized the international LGBT movement as an extremist organization and banned it in Russia

Various signs and manifestations of extremist orientation have been identified in the activities of the movement in the Russian Federation, including the incitement of social and religious hatred, the lawsuit says.
The decision to ban the LGBT movement in Russia comes into force immediately, the court said.
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Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 18:38:24 122462
Мировой-майдан-[...].jpg 489Кб, 810x1100
Such laws are hidden hybrid repressions against the population.
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 00:47:58 122656
jewblackcocksor[...].png 33Кб, 207x181
Good decision
Anonymous  09/12/23 Суб 11:27:13 122771
? should our sumetal from babymetal accept masturbation on her during her part of this round or this prohibit by upper boundary, arigato desu
Anonymous  09/12/23 Суб 11:28:11 122772
Anonymous  09/12/23 Суб 11:28:49 122773
UKROWAVE Anonymous  04/02/23 Суб 16:40:23 110981 Ответ
Сергей Пастух f[...].mp4 25492Кб, 854x480, 00:03:38
Throw in something Ukrainian for the atmosphere.

except for the forbidden
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Anonymous  05/12/23 Втр 01:14:05 122634
ОТОРВАЛИ МЫ ЛЕО[...].mp4 13827Кб, 640x360, 00:02:28
Anonymous  05/12/23 Втр 01:15:41 122635
40127 - SoyBooru.jpg 908Кб, 1139x1564
Anonymous  05/12/23 Втр 05:34:09 122639
82caBNza.gif 63Кб, 208x208
Anonymous  07/12/23 Чтв 21:12:00 122727
1000008827.mp4 4332Кб, 720x1278, 00:00:10
Ukrainians hang holiday garlands on cubes with "photos of grief" of their fallen "heroes."
Anonymous  09/12/23 Суб 02:50:04 122764
17020347897891.mp4 8153Кб, 640x352, 00:01:56
Lmao Anonymous  07/12/23 Чтв 04:48:12 122714 Ответ
image.png 23Кб, 606x500
image.png 27Кб, 570x555
image.png 3811Кб, 1080x1542
17018895858850.mp4 18047Кб, 640x480, 00:01:55
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 21:23:55 122757
16227078565530s.jpg 14Кб, 170x170
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 23:12:33 122760
degen.mp4 18047Кб, 640x480, 00:01:55
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 23:13:37 122761
aidubbing.mp4 13037Кб, 640x480, 00:00:07
Anonymous  09/12/23 Суб 02:20:43 122763
Пыяла.mp4 7966Кб, 720x720, 00:03:30
Poland Anonymous  13/07/23 Чтв 21:25:19 117237 Ответ
FlagofPoland.svg.png 0Кб, 1200x750
Why are they so butthurt all the time?
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Anonymous  26/11/23 Вск 13:28:26 122317
Anonymous  26/11/23 Вск 13:29:14 122318
Anonymous  26/11/23 Вск 13:42:40 122319
Anonymous  26/11/23 Вск 18:15:00 122324
>>117237 (OP)
They were strong once, then had a hundred year long struggle with Russia over dominance in eastern Europe and lost it eventually, getting wrecked in several wars, thrice partitioned, induced as part of Russia. Their national butthurt led them to fucking with all their neighbours in interbellum the minute they got independence, getting partitioned again and being russian bitch for half a century more.
Now they arm themselves and are eyeing Kaliningrad and wshodny kresy. Just... stop. Go ask Germany for reparations or something, any time Poland actually managed to harm Russia it came back and made poles suffer dearly.
Anonymous  09/12/23 Суб 01:14:22 122762
what do you think about the biggest attention whore on polish chans? this fat guy in this video com Anonymous  09/10/23 Пнд 22:04:31 120927 Ответ
169687769822411[...].webm 4603Кб, 1080x1920, 00:00:16
what do you think about the biggest attention whore on polish chans? this fat guy in this video comes from karachan org, it's an imageboard, the polish equivalent of the russian 2ch
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Anonymous  13/11/23 Пнд 15:37:59 122009
obraz2023-11-13[...].png 125Кб, 267x400
Anonymous  07/12/23 Чтв 03:37:49 122712
170190913799107[...].webm 10489Кб, 1080x1920, 00:00:44
Anonymous  07/12/23 Чтв 19:00:04 122725
szatan ruchacz.webm 7876Кб, 300x300, 00:00:30
rucham go tego przystojniaka z piastowa. rucham go
Anonymous  07/12/23 Чтв 21:00:37 122726
170197173382279[...].mp4 2489Кб, 480x852, 00:00:25
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 21:40:41 122758
170206028669924[...].mp4 896Кб, 490x894, 00:00:16
Poccnrs have school shootings too? Anonymous  07/12/23 Чтв 12:18:29 122721 Ответ
MCQ.gif 4795Кб, 251x255
Poccnrs have school shootings too?
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Anonymous  07/12/23 Чтв 12:55:04 122724
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 11:59:11 122742
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 13:29:47 122743
? may you predict part for american imperialism and greate communism on your country this day
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 13:31:14 122744
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 13:32:28 122745
Why are Russian trans girls so cute, it’s almost like they’re made for Anglo men Anonymous  04/12/23 Пнд 17:34:33 122619 Ответ
IMG8125.jpeg 46Кб, 671x543
Untitled4620230[...].jpeg 87Кб, 587x913
Why are Russian trans girls so cute, it’s almost like they’re made for Anglo men
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Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 00:53:01 122733
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 00:56:32 122734
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 09:14:26 122738
"tsmt' was catch on internal side of this site
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 09:15:10 122739
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 09:15:50 122740
What is the official Russian view on todays happening in Israel Anonymous  07/10/23 Суб 23:40:32 120865 Ответ
hamas.jpg 148Кб, 846x1200
Both government and 'common man'. erase Gaza and every palestinian? jews deserved it?
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Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 23:50:43 122707
I don't take anything in the media seriously, in the end your money will become more worthless while taxes will go up, the rest is theater
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 23:52:37 122708
incrediblegassy.png 50Кб, 336x188
It needs...
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 08:56:41 122735
may you declare your bow range please
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 08:57:47 122736
Anonymous  08/12/23 Птн 08:58:14 122737
webm mp4 Anonymous  21/07/23 Птн 18:46:46 117377 Ответ
7845778.mp4 16801Кб, 640x480, 00:01:59
webm mp4
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Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 08:37:25 122692
2.mp4 21839Кб, 426x240, 00:02:29
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 10:26:27 122693
снег завывания.mp4 4760Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:12
Anonymous  07/12/23 Чтв 11:37:45 122718
расскажите пожалуйста в какие игры играют ваши оверлорды, спасибо за служебную информацию
Anonymous  07/12/23 Чтв 11:38:40 122719
Anonymous  07/12/23 Чтв 11:40:12 122720
Warning, cumrades! Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 11:35:08 122446 Ответ
image.png 389Кб, 674x609
image.png 871Кб, 1200x628
image.png 1086Кб, 700x700
image.png 321Кб, 894x894
This man take other men from their wives and mothers! Let your men go home for their safety!!!
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Anonymous  05/12/23 Втр 16:43:23 122650

Man's ancient enemy is T9
Anonymous  05/12/23 Втр 16:52:31 122651
Rotations and a month's vacation are not the same thing dumbass.
In Russia as well as in Ukraine they give a month's vacation to servicemen after six months, I have such people in my friends. You are an absolute midwit in intellect, stop making yourself a super smart poster.
Anonymous  05/12/23 Втр 16:57:45 122652
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 20:01:44 122704
Sorry for my ignorance but I'm not accustomed to military traditions specially East Slavs. I used to watch sometimes NAFO and Ukrainian shills bringing propaganda videos of Ukranian coming to their families in X / twitter timeline accompanied by soy mottos like "This is why are we fighting for". I thought Russians were there in the trenches without vacations.
Anonymous  07/12/23 Чтв 04:38:34 122713
HEAD, GIVE ME MONEY! Cyclopaedist  01/11/23 Срд 18:21:33 121676 Ответ
изображение.png 747Кб, 993x517
So, this thread is the Temple of the HEAD. I'm going to tell you a little bit about the HEAD for those who aren't familiar with it yet.
The name of the man who first revealed the knowledge of the Head-God to the world is unknown, he was a true anonymous. I will call him the Prophet.

The Prophet once created a thread in which he posted an OP pick, and said that the Head would give anyone a lot of money if they just asked for it, and would put a curse of eternal poverty if his generous gift was ignored. A lot of people wrote. A lot of people didn't write either. Suddenly, it turned out that the Head generously gives money to his followers. For some it is a lot (like the anon who won 250k the next day), for others it is not enough, but it gives. With each new follower, the power of the Head has grown, and now every anon who asks gets what he wants. I don't know if it is possible to ask the Head for other benefits besides money, each of you can try.
You may wonder where money comes from, how does the Head give it? I'm going to tell you a story that happened to me.

You can call me a sociologist, or whatever, but it doesn't matter. I only bear the blessing of the Head, and all my words are true.
I was sitting with a friend of mine and scrolling two. I came across a thread about the Head. I laughed, showed him, he said "some", and I wrote to the thread, asking the Head for money. A day later, I received an unplanned bonus at my cattle job, and the next day this acquaintance had an accident in his wheelbarrow. The amount of repair and compensation to the second participant in the accident was +/- a couple of hundred rubles my premium. In other words, it turned out that my friend lost almost the same amount of money that I had gained. The unbeliever was punished, and the adept of the Head got what he wanted.
So I want to say to all the Anons who are reading this right now.

Where were your Gods when you called upon them? Have they come down to you? These gods demand and demand, behave this way, do this and not that, and nothing, nothing in return! And the Head does not ask for anything, only gives, and its adepts become richer. All you have to do is ask her, and that's it! The head doesn't need anything, it just needs to give. And she takes it from those who did not ask her, spat in her face, despite such a generous gift. So isn't that fair, anon? You've always been asked for something, and now the Head is taking their luck and money from them, taking everything away, and giving it to you! All you have to do is ask! Turn to the Head! It's a good god, a god who gives, a god who loves you and doesn't look at what you are. Even if your soul is as black as night, the Head will give you what you ask of it!

The more people believe in the Head, the stronger the Head will become. And she'll take everything away from the arrogant, self-righteous and give it to you, and it doesn't matter if you deserve it or not. And if you want to write something insulting about the Head now, well, we welcome you too, your money will become our money, the Head will take it from you and give it to us. So come on, write, ignore, do whatever you want - the Head will judge us. Either you ask the Head for money, or the Head gives your money to us, if you don't ask, you don't have to, right?

It's a great joy, Anon! We now have our own God, he's good, he takes bad people's money and gives it to us. He doesn't demand anything from us, we just need to ask the Head for money. You can ask the Head for something, or just talk it out, and it will give you a gift itself. You can ask at least ten times, it won't get worse for sure.

So. This thread is the temple of the Head. There is no official temple, any thread with a Head in the OP peak and a brief description is a temple. You can ask the Head for money in any temple, and it will give it. Maybe you can ask for anything - try it, maybe it will work? You can share with the Head what oppresses you, and it will take away your sorrows. All you have to do is ask.
Ask, Anons, and the Head will give you what you ask for! No one will leave deprived! No one will leave offended! Ask and it will be given you! Each!

There are only a few rules, and they are very simple.
1. The head gives money to everyone who asks for it.
2. If you have read about the Head, but have ignored it, insulted it, the Head curses you with poverty, and your money goes to those who ask the Head.
3. Any thread with these rules and an op-pick is a Temple of the Head.

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Anonymous  26/11/23 Вск 12:27:42 122311
kidzonya kma.mp4 15030Кб, 854x480, 00:02:43
в Донбасс?
У кидзони кореш -- поцреот, на неолурке инфа
Anonymous  26/11/23 Вск 12:34:48 122312
нас с гретой устраивают границы украины принятые первым президентом российской федерации
Anonymous  26/11/23 Вск 12:35:55 122313
Anonymous  26/11/23 Вск 12:36:38 122314
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 17:09:57 122703
My handwriting improves or nah? Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 11:08:37 122694 Ответ
0c2e4962-7565-4[...].jpg 3205Кб, 3000x4000
My handwriting improves or nah?
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Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 13:27:50 122697
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 14:13:44 122698
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 15:42:22 122699
my seven old ukranian girl dont want suck your dick
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 15:43:25 122700
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 15:44:03 122701
Why does the USA resemble a huge stinking garbage dump? Why can't you look like an example to others Anonymous  10/10/23 Втр 01:08:24 120934 Ответ
16752209784831.mp4 5827Кб, 848x464, 00:00:40
IMG202308181537[...].jpg 57Кб, 500x625
Why does the USA resemble a huge stinking garbage dump? Why can't you look like an example to others?
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Anonymous  12/10/23 Чтв 21:16:58 121017
16617193207160.jpg 551Кб, 962x994
Anonymous  27/10/23 Птн 21:47:25 121537
pooland was partitioned by Russia at least 5 times in history. And then was Russia's puppet state for 70 years, has only 30 years of "independence". After fall of Soviet Union pooland became a poor shithole. Now it got a bit better because of becoming America's puppet state (still being a big village). I wonder what will happen to pooland in case of fall of NATO. I was once in a poolish city. Just a big depressing village. All stereotypes about eastern Europe confirmed. Wouldn't live there even for money
Anonymous  27/10/23 Птн 21:54:42 121538
stop reading enemy social networks. Go search for a cleaner job in whatever country you want to immigrate to. Remember, a Russian administrator can ban all poolish IPs here by one click
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 01:14:57 122666
(((Dont know why)))
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 06:21:52 122681
>pooland was partitioned by Russia
>by Russia
>posted under Germany flag
Finland arrested a terrorist from St. Petersburg. His birth name is Jan Petrovski, but today he is Anonymous  25/08/23 Птн 17:53:17 119710 Ответ
IMG9250.webp 22Кб, 658x370
Finland arrested a terrorist from St. Petersburg.

His birth name is Jan Petrovski, but today he is known as Voislav Torden.

We will send him to Ukraine to serve a life sentence. That's what we do to everyone who participated in the war.
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Anonymous  31/08/23 Чтв 23:18:26 119908
Anonymous  31/08/23 Чтв 23:56:25 119909
images (1).jpeg 12Кб, 191x264
images.jpeg 13Кб, 271x186
transferir.jpeg 8Кб, 275x183
Anonymous  01/09/23 Птн 08:15:46 119924
Мильчаков про С[...].webm 6360Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:26
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 01:33:08 122670
brit10.jpg 129Кб, 854x1200
brit13.jpg 148Кб, 1280x864
brit8.png 692Кб, 922x838
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 03:06:02 122679
>>119710 (OP)
Будет смешно, если тикток воину дадут пожизненное. Еще смешнее, если он на суде признает, что он тикток воин и на передовой не был, но ему уже никто не поверит.
Visca Anonymous  01/09/23 Птн 01:01:23 119911 Ответ
FlagofCatalonia[...].png 0Кб, 800x533
Ja que no puc publicar en altres boards creo aqui una per a catalanoparlants xd

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Anonymous  01/09/23 Птн 07:42:49 119922
>>119911 (OP)
Catalonia is Spanish clay. All those who disagree may go to hui.
Anonymous  10/09/23 Вск 09:30:05 120173
Anonymous  29/09/23 Птн 02:40:10 120603
>>119911 (OP)
Deja de jugar Final Fantasy y mejor reconquista algunas putas.
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 01:27:50 122668
They should start a civil war so they can kill someone one
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 02:37:36 122677
image0.jpg 130Кб, 1144x1280
Babies in the UK scream when they are born because they realize they've been brought into this mess Anonymous  25/08/23 Птн 22:24:52 119715 Ответ
sticker.webp 21Кб, 512x512
Babies in the UK scream when they are born because they realize they've been brought into this mess
Anonymous  26/08/23 Суб 00:14:23 119716
At least we're not Russian.
Anonymous  26/08/23 Суб 00:20:04 119717
1692998404163.jpg 106Кб, 1080x1016
Anonymous  26/08/23 Суб 00:51:58 119718
True, thats the only thing thats worse
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 01:31:35 122669
BritainDiversit[...].jpg 73Кб, 496x728
mayoroflondonbr[...].jpg 112Кб, 1020x688
brit3.jpeg 34Кб, 474x616
brit4.gif 305Кб, 827x871
The husband of the girl Anonymous  18/10/23 Срд 07:35:04 121238 Ответ
конан.mp4 7107Кб, 360x640, 00:00:25
video2022-09-20[...].mp4 15700Кб, 1080x1080, 00:00:21
Lifted a natura[...].mp4 3611Кб, 640x360, 00:00:23
kidzonya0.mp4 3356Кб, 576x1018, 00:00:13
The husband of the girl
Anonymous  18/10/23 Срд 07:38:46 121239
kidzonya вас съ[...].mp4 721Кб, 406x720, 00:00:07
Are there any guys from 'jak discord?
Anonymous  18/10/23 Срд 13:04:40 121244
image.png 1459Кб, 865x827
Anonymous  19/10/23 Чтв 00:25:08 121249
Берсерк Гатс по[...].mp4 1575Кб, 360x640, 00:00:21
Накачался в лес[...].mp4 5927Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:19
Настоящая сила.mp4 1526Кб, 360x640, 00:00:20
Поднял над голо[...].mp4 2743Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:16
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 01:14:04 122665
Long live Conan
Communism doesn't seem that bad. Seems a bit cozy actually. Anonymous  23/10/23 Пнд 00:16:49 121362 Ответ
Павел Тунев7291[...].mp4 7940Кб, 480x848, 00:01:00
Communism doesn't seem that bad. Seems a bit cozy actually.
23/10/23 Пнд 03:01:25 121363
Anonymous  23/10/23 Пнд 09:52:14 121364
Anonymous  23/10/23 Пнд 14:54:30 121368
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 01:12:56 122664
Probably if your grandpa did understand this your country wouldn't turn into a such shithole
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